Dating customs in te philippines

Some people will even argue that such relationships just ‘cannot last’ because of several variables including changes in maturity over the years, different priorities and a lack of commonality in life experience. However, be prepared because here in the Philippines all those packaged preconceptions fall by the way-side and have resulted in many happy, sound and devoted long-term marriages between couples with as much as a 40-year age difference. Likewise, many retired foreign men are seeking a young, beautiful woman in their later years after either divorce or being widowed.

Such are the sort of preconceptions I’ve discovered as I brought up the subject of age difference as it relates to relationships here in the Philippines. As I mentioned before, there is a natural attraction between younger Filipina women seeking financial security or maturity from an older, foreign man.

S., despite our supposed ‘liberal’ views on marriage as portrayed in the media, the reality is that the majority of Americans still hold to the conservative idea where the age difference between a couple should be within an 8-year bracket before it becomes ‘questionable’.

Anything beyond that and suddenly the older woman is a ‘Cougar’ or the younger man is a ‘MILF’-seeker.

The person you end up dating might have been your second cousin’s classmate in grade school or someone who has always been on your circle of friends.

You also have the added factor of news traveling fast because people love to gossip.

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