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The source's text-space (including footnote region) is divided into four equal portions, a, b, c, d.If the citation is found in one such section, then for example it would be cited p.15c.

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[It seems to be saying that heat always moves from warm to cold places, unless another factor intervenes:] “The transcendental principle of thermodynamics rests on the second law of thermodynamics.If it goes from a 'd' section and/or arrives at an 'a' section, the letters are omitted: p.15-16.[The following is summary.All boldface, underlining, and bracketed commentary are my own.Deleuze opens chapter 5 of DR with a discussion of thermodynamics, which “deals fundamentally with the properties of heat” (SH 167). “His main discovery was that the efficiency of even an ideal frictionless engine was dependent on the difference between its hottest and coldest parts: the greater the difference, the greater the efficiency” (167).SH will “explore Deleuze’s engagement with thermodynamics by looking at three questions.

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