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but chances are you’ll have had your fill by the time your second drink is down.Expect impressive feats of dexterity by ladies’ lady parts and some heavy-handed comedy, but the audience is really here for the live sex.Much folklore is associated with our robin and how it acquired its redbreast.The familiar tune about "The red, red robin goes bob, bob, bobbin' along" in fact refers to the American robin and not "our" robin.

Valentine's Day is day in which birds pick their mates, and in the case of the robin, its said that it's the female who chooses the male!

This is due to the fact they they hold territories all year round and they sing to protect these territories.

Both males and females hold a territory and both sing throughout the winter.

The term 'Robin' is also applied to other (unrelated) birds with red or orange breasts, including the American Robin (a much larger thrush like bird) and the Australian Robin (which is much more closely related to the Crows).

It is the red colour that triggers territorial behaviour and robins will even attack a tuft of red feathers on its own.

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