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" Ironically, however, it was ABC who came up with the ultimate hit, The Avengers which after three interesting studio-bound series, hit the heights with the filmed series starring Patrick Mac Nee and Diana Rigg.

Imitations were a-plenty, but never came close to the master.

Series One was the greatest UK half hour filmed drama series.

No doubt the artistic licence given to Mc Goohan partly explains its success.

But Mayne, Frank's killer, with the unlovely Mrs Delroy want that gold, a fight deciding who gets it.

Gina saves John Drake's life, perhaps the only woman in the entire series to which he is ever at all close Danger Man Menu .....

Actually it's Portmeirion, that came to be beloved by Mc Goohan, and here Drake questions a local who happens to work for this very artist, Gina.

Patiently Drake awaits her arrival from Rome, in a well built up half minute of silence.

Mrs Stella Delroy, "not a nice woman" according to Scarlotti, isn't exactly in mourning, making advances to an uninterested Drake, but she's uninterested too in the existence of another woman, or apparently in the theft of the gold.

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Drake encounters an artist who had had a sketch made by Delroy's girl friend, signed with a flourish with the letter G.

Another of her paintings, found in Delroy's apartment, is of a villa and with help the location is identified.

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