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Con los ruidos y problemas de circulacion que ocasionan, ocupan mucho mas que el ancho de aparcamiento y mo...These include, but are not limited to the following cultural shifts: a separation of sex and marriage, such as pre- and extramarital sex; a separation of sex from love and child-bearing such as Internet sex and one-night stands; an increase in observable sexual diversity such as homo- and bisexual behavior and fetishism; an increase in socially acceptable displays and behaviors of female sexual desire; a boom in the sex industry; and a more open discussion of sex topics, including sex studies at colleges, media reports, formal publications, on-line information, extensive public health education, and public displays of affection.The pre-marital physical, which among other things once contained an indication of the woman’s virginity, is no longer obligatory.The new principles reflect a greater respect for human rights, a protection of marital freedom, and a change in the governmental function with regards to sexual issues.Fewer people turn away when they see intimate behavior between lovers in public. Products for safe sex are available in convenience stores around city.Even major radio and television stations have started picking up on sex-related topics. Video shops, big or small, sell sexually oriented films produced either by domestic or foreign directors.

For example, the side effect of the family planning policy is to promote a separation of sexual behavior from reproductive purposes.

During the Cultural Revolution, individual sexual preferences were supposed to give way to lofty revolutionary ideals.

Extramarital affairs were portrayed as a derogatory lifestyle, and pre-marital sex was immoral.

Various sex products are now openly sold in the market.

Sexual information is spreading directly or indirectly through such public media as street-side advertising.

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